Live Life

"I will look back on this and smile because it was life, 
and I decided to life it." 
The more I live, the more this quote becomes a litmus test for me.  I want to look back on seasons of my life, and smile at my choices, because I didn't take the easy route, I didn't crumble in the face of fear, I didn't bow down to opposition, even when what was stopping me was me. Instead, I want to look back and be proud of the life I live because I choose to take risks, push through things, and truly live life to the fullest. I want to make choices that reflect who I truly am, deep at my core level, and not just to please others or please the surface me.

I came into a season in my life where I was tired of living in fear and barely getting by. I was tired of watching others make big choices while I sat idly by on the sidelines. I was tired of not liking the person I saw in the mirror every day. Something rose up inside of me and clamored to be heard.  And I am so thankful I listened to it and began making bigger choices.

I have found out that life is too short, and I'm actually a good time. I have learned to like me at a foundational level.  I have quieted the voices inside that said I'm not good enough, strong enough, popular enough, fill in the blank enough.  Because I am enough. I like me and I like what I find fascinating about life.  The day I stopped hiding my true self from the world out of fear is the day I that truly began really living.

Here is one of the biggest life lessons I've learned: If fear is the main factor in my not doing something, then I need to make a way around or through it.  Because fear is stupid. I mean, it's real, but always conquerable.  There's always a way, and always resources to the creative.

I got fed up with fear stopping me from being true to myself and who I was created to be.  I wasn't a timid, always need to say the right thing, person.  I'm sassy, and saucy, and funny, and I don't always get it right. I can be quiet, but I can also be loud.  I'm not afraid to draw attention to myself any more, because I'm not afraid of what others think about me. Falling in love with my true self was one of the best things I could ever do, and has allowed me the courage to step out and truly live.

There's nothing stopping us from truly living. Except fear. Don't let fear of anything stop you from finding your true self and expressing it to its fullest.  It's not about screaming and clamoring for attention. It's about being comfortable in the skin you are in.  Because your true self is absolutely amazing. Once you find you like the person who stares at your from the mirror, you can do amazing things.

Will it be hard? Sure. Will there be road blocks? Of course. Will there be naysayers.  Absolutely. But being committed to the journey of loving life, loving yourself, and loving your choices, is worth the fight.  You are worth it.  It will be so worth it.  Looking back and smiling at your life because you made big choices to live, and live true to your self, will definitely be worth it.
 Photo taken with iPhone 4, January 2012. Bahamas.
Copyrighted Reflections of Revelation.


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