"Be Brave Enough"

"Be brave enough to live life creatively. 
The creative place where no one else has ever been"


Brave is a catch word in today's society.  It has many meanings, both positive and negative.  But what does the word brave have to do with the cement path in the photo?

A lot, actually.  This photo was taken during a business trip I took to Chicago.  By myself.  Just me, my red backpack, and my iPhone. For one week, I walked around downtown Chicago, in and out of buildings, on and off boats on the lake and river, up one street and down another, capturing the heart of this great city on "film".  Did I mention I went by myself?

Yep, I did that. I jumped on the train in my hometown and rode it alone into Chicago.  I got off at Union station, and walked to my hotel.  Then walked to the Sears Tower.  I walked to the Art Institute, even walked all the. I even walked all the way to Navy Pier one day, following the path of the emerald river.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I got some fantastic photos. But what did my trip have to do with being brave?

Did I mention I was in the city alone? Absolutely by myself.  I packed, I planned, I photographed.  Without a traveling buddy. Why? Because I didn't have anyone to go with me.  But my heart and soul yearned to take this great adventure to this big city, and live and breathe in it for a moment in time, feeling the pulse of the people and capturing the essence of its grandeur.  She was good to me, the Windy City, and from the top of the Sears Tower to the skyline from Lake Michigan, all I saw was her good side.  It satisfied a need in my artistic and creative side to photograph the sites as they came to me, in a timing that couldn't be rushed or scheduled. 

Many people have photographed the buildings, and the river, and the lake,  and the shoreline of Chicago, of this I am sure.  But no one saw it from my perspective.  No one saw it the way I saw it.  And not many professional photographers captured it 100% from an iPhone.

My plans were interrupted by only myself, as my fancy or the weather, changed.  At one point, I had intended to spend time indoors, only to find the day so crisp and clear that I had to jump on the ferry boat then and there, touring the lake, and then the river.  I was sunburnt and wind blown. But I didn't care, because my heart was full and my soul alive, as the city posed in the best lighting I could not have orchestrated myself, even if I had wanted to. 

I am still processing those photos, as there is much to do when you run a small business by yourself.  But I know it was very brave of me to follow my heart and go on that adventure.  Almost everyone I talked to about my journey asked me why I would go do this thing alone.  They wanted to know why I wouldn't have shortened my trip so someone might go with me.  I was told over and over they would never travel like that alone, and I must either be very brave or very silly, or both.  To which I would nod and smile. 

My response is simple: I am not going to miss out on something that is dear to my heart because I can't find another person willing to commit to my vision, dream, or passion.  I needed to be Chicago for a week, during the week, in order to get the photos I needed, to satisfy my collection.  It wouldn't have worked out any other way.  For example, they have fireworks at night, over Navy Pier, and the best time to see them is Wednesday night.  In order for me to photograph the fireworks, I would need to be around Navy Pier Wednesday night.  And I did.  And I'm pleased with the photos I got.  I put on my little black dress, hopped on the boat for the Lake Tour, and held my breath as thesky lit up in an array of colors. I wasn't going to let anything stop me from this dream, even myself.

I'm not sure if that was brave, per the dictionary's definition of brave.  But it was brave to me, to make a dream come true.  I've always wanted to see the fireworks over Navy Pier, and to be able to work it into a photography business trip was just such a bonus, and a blessing! I know not many would have taken the venture I did, but I am so glad I decided to be brave enough to life my life creatively, to step out and take risks.

I offer you the same opportunity - don't let anything hold you back from being brave enough to life life creatively! Be all you, all the time!


Photo taken with iPhone 6, August 2015, Chicago, Illinois.  
Copyrighted Reflections of Revelation. 


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