"Do It"

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it"


A lot of people talk about what they are going to do, what they want to do, what they would do, what they might do. But how many people actually do what they say they are going to do? I don't care how big your talk is - I want to know how big your walk is.  There is a time for talking, there is a time for planning, and there is a time for doing.  I enjoy the process of each season.  If there isn't a dream, an idea, then there won't be any action to be taken.  Poor planning means poor execution of the talk and the walk. But too many dreams stay dreams, too many plans stay plans.  Too many adventures stay untaken.  And too many is too many, in my book.

For me, if I'm talking about something, I'm talking in order to formulate a plan, and then execute that plan.  Talk is cheap and time is expensive.  I choose to not live in a life of whatifs and whatabouts.  I refuse to get to the end of my life and have a list of dreams as long as my list of regrets.  I may not succeed completely, the plan may need to be altered along the way, but I will have a checklist of dreams crossed off when my time here is over.

People claim the obstacles in their way are too much to make their dream a reality. But I have found that money, or lack of money, is really not an obstacle.  Time is not a valid obstacle either, nor is lack of skill, credibility, or really any obstacle that we perceive as stopping us from reaching the goal.  I have stories of traveling the globe with a few dollars in my pocket.  I have taught others on subjects I had little knowledge on previously.  I did not go to school to be a photo artist or business entrepreneur.  I have punched through fear, and rejection, and ridicule, and numerous other fears, one at a time, to accomplish what I set out to do.

It has not been easy, but it has been worth it! Facing fears is intimidating.  But you know what?  The only way to conquer fear is to push through it until it stops being a fear.  And the first time doing anything new is usually the most frightening.  So if you know that there will be fear - which is actually just a chemical reaction to trigger fight, flight, or freeze instincts, and can be overcome with the right tools - then you can come up with solutions to battle that fear. 

Fear is a funny thing; it can hinder us useless to truly live. But, we can turn that fear into faith fuel, propelling us toward our goal. 

So I challenge you to be real and open with yourself.  Are you mostly talk? Is your dream list mostly unfulfilled? What is hindering you from stepping out and accomplishing those dreams? What are your biggest fears? What would it take to overcome them? Because you can! Yes, you.  You can.  If I can, you can too! It's time to live, truly live! Let's do it!

Photo taken with iPhone 4, October 2013. Flying over Europe.
Copyrighted Reflections of Revelation. 


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