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Why Travel Photography

Cobblestone and Brick Street, Boston, MA. October 2016.  Travel changes me.  It's not just a trip, not just a vacation.  I'm not just a tourist doing touristy things.  Every time I travel, I am profoundly impacted and deeply changed.  A part of me is never the same.  I travel to learn, to grow, to be changed, and to change every place I visit.  I love seeing new sights, exploring new places, learning about the history and culture of things once foreign to me.  I people-watch.  I try to blend in after observing cultural mannerisms.  I want to understand what makes the people tick, and to hear the heart beat of the place I'm in. Even traveling to different parts of the United States is very eye-opening.  There are so many different cultures, value systems, and ways of living.  Being from the Midwest, I hold a set of values and life lessons that are distinct from other parts of the country.  I carry these values with me wherever I go, even when I don't realize it.  I

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